Entrevista Profe Anita

Entravista Profe Anita

Ppequeña reseña realizada a la profesora Anita Alegría en el colegio, un pareja de Alemanes,de la universidad de Leipzig.

«We met each other at the Centre of Valparaiso with her boyfriend Tommy who is actually from Leipzig, Germany and finished his Bachelor degree in Sport Science at the same faculty where I’m studying. It was fun to find out that we have some friends in common.

We had a great night. They showed us a Chilean restaurant, Chilean beer tasting and typical other Chilean drinks like Pisco Sour and Michadele. On the next day we caught up again for doing the interview.

She is doing gymnastics since she is 4 years old and had the opportunity to represent her country Chile in various international championships. She studied physical education at PUCV (Pontifcia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso) and did an exchange in Granada, Spain. After that she went to Germany to be part of the ITK course for half a year in 2014/15. There she met Tommy who decided to go to Chile for some months after his study to visit her:). Now he speaks really good Spanish and helped us with some translations.

Currently she is a teacher for Physical Education in the “Scuola Italiana Arturo del’ Oro” in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. Her future goals are to share her experiences and knowledge with other teachers and students, so that her love and passion for this beautiful sport will continue growing.

We also had the chance to observe a lesson of her and spoke about their school system. Especially for Josi it was really interesting to talk about this topic. The school seemed to be really developed. The sports hall was big and had everything you need for doing sport lessons.

Thank you for your time, suggestions and interesting conversations! It was lovely to meet you both!:)»

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